The Salamander’s Slipper

“I believed I was a salamander and it seems that I am nothing but an impediment.” —Zelda Fitzgerald

Two sisters in 1990s London—totally unaware of each other—one a fast-living model and one a working class girl.

Bullied as a child in America, Sallie goes to London to find the mother who left her, but soon slips into the decadent dance club culture. She also moves in with Philip, a psychiatric nurse who happens to be the illegitimate grandson of Zelda Fitzgerald.

Amanda, her twin, grows up in a slummy London commune with their crazy mother.  She avoids a mysterious stalker, works for an eccentric millionaire and falls for a charismatic rock musician with a vampire fetish and two pet piranhas.

Unexplained forces—predators and protectors—weave in and out of both girls’ lives.  The Salamander’s Slipper, set mainly in London, is a magical realism story and should appeal to readers who enjoy dark, edgy literary fiction.

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